Jennifer Johnston's Waxbitch® Studio

Waxing Information

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Waxbitch's Mama

You will be waxed from pubic bone to your tail bone and everything in between! (landing strip optional)

Vajazzle your skin with Swarovski Body Crystals available for the bikini area or any body part you want to bling or surprise your sweetheart! Several designs to choose from.

(PLEASE NOTE) Male clients can book appointments during specific set hours for security reasons. (Evenings 5-7pm and Saturday 9am-noon) Daytime appointments are available if accompanied to the salon by a female companion.

General Waxing Information

CAUTION: Absolutely NO WAXING if you have been using eg. Retin A, Accutane, prescription medications/antibiotics/topical ointments for acne, fine lines, chemical/acid peels or microdermabrasion. These kinds of treatments cause the skin to thin and waxing WILL result in the skin PEELING. Ask your Dermatologist if you can wax and what time period is needed after stopping a medication before you can begin waxing again. (this time period often varies from weeks to months)

  1. If you are unsure of any topical creams, skin treatments or prescriptions you are using let your Waxer know.
  2. Keep in mind that it is difficult to predict how skin will react to waxing (e.g. bruising or peeling) no matter how many precautions are taken. Some medications are blood thinners which can increase your chance of bruising during service.
  3. NO DOUBLE DIPPING!!! To ensure superior hygiene and sanitation, non latex gloves are worn and a new applicator is used each time wax is applied to the skin to avoid re-dipping into the wax.
  4. Book the appointment for at least a week or two after your period. The body is far more sensitive the closer you are to your cycle.
  5. Water Retention, illness, exhaustion or caffeine and alcohol consumption can also be a factor in a waxing treatment being more sensitive.
  6. Taking 2 Advil/Ibuprofen before waxing can help calm the skin, lessen sensitivity and reduce inflammation.
  7. Taking an antihistamine can help prevent swelling and hives after waxing if you are prone to this.
  8. Bikini/Brazilian Waxing can still take place during your period if wearing a tampon.
  9. Shavers must have a minimum of 2-3 weeks growth before you can be waxed. 4-5 weeks or more of growth will give you far better results. It may take several treatments after you have shaved to be stubble free and to have the full benefits of waxing.
  10. Regular waxing will leave you with baby smooth skin and hair that grows slower, thinner and sparser. It is recommended you wax every 4-5 weeks to have these results.
  11. Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation.
  12. For those with a low pain tolerance, a topical anesthetic, such as "PFB numb-IT" (available in the salon for $25 or ask for an individual treatment at time of service for $10) for a quick desensitization several minutes prior to your wax, or "Relax and Wax No-Scream Cream" (available in the salon for $15) which must be applied 45 minutes before you arrive for your treatment. Either product can desensitize the area and reduce the sting of waxing.
Waxing 101
  1. Please shower prior to your waxing appointment or use baby wipes (available in the salon) to freshen/clean the bikini and bum area.
  2. All services occur in a private room with a door. Underwear can be kept on for the basic and extreme bikini waxing. Cover-ups are available in the change room if you are modest and you'll be asked to lie on a spa bed covered with a clean paper and sheet.
  3. A treatment oil will be applied to the skin prior to Brazilian/bikini waxing.
  4. You will be asked to help hold skin taut during the service (this makes for a more comfortable waxing experience and helps to prevent bruising).
  5. Once the waxing is complete, the Waxer will make sure there are no stray hairs. Please note that stubble will not be tweezed.
  6. The best waxers (like the Waxbitch) are fast and efficient, which means less discomfort for you.
  7. A soothing aromatherapy oil and medicated Tea Tree lotion will be spread onto the skin at the end of the service.
  8. After a Brazilian or Bikini wax service it is recommended to avoid activities involving heat (hot tubs, saunas, hot showers and sun tanning) and friction (sexual activity, strenuous exercise) for 24-48 hours. Waxing exfoliates and opens the pores therefore the skin is vulnerable to irritation by extreme temperatures and infection by bacteria.
  9. Do not use salt scrubs or loofa’s for at least 24-48 hours after waxing as they might further irritate your skin.
  10. Avoid tight clothing in the waxed area. This may cause irritation and ingrown hairs.
  11. Apply the appropriate soothing/antibacterial products recommended to you for your after wax treatment to maintain the integrity of the skin throughout the after wax and growth period. This will keep the skin bacteria free and exfoliated to avoid ingrowns, pimples and bumps.
After Wax Products
  1. "Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash" is an excellent antiseptic body wash for intimate areas and after wax care to keep the skin bacteria free.
  2. "Australian Bodycare Tea Tree lotion" is a gentle NON-GREASY water based therapeutic and medicated tea tree lotion for all skin types. It helps to care for and protect the skin and is particularly beneficial for after waxing, ingrown hair prevention, problem skin and dry areas. Use liberally, everyday, for fast and effective hygienic skincare and to maintain soft supple skin.
  3. "PFB Vanish" is a SALICYLIC and GLYCOLIC roll on which keeps the skin bacteria free and exfoliates to avoid ingrowns, pimples and bumps. Calms the skin and prevents bumps after a lip wax too! Use on skin several days prior to waxing to prep the skin for optimal hair removal.
  4. "PFB Vanish Roll-On plus Chromabrite" is a two-in-one product used for ingrown hairs and to also lighten skin where hyperpigmentation is found (eg. skin discoloration/dark spots).